This website tracks record of all TAS (Tool Assisted Speedrun) in Mario Kart Wii.
You'll find here details about every run, history of records, links to videos and more...

TAS stands for "Tool Assisted Speedrun/Superplay".
It's basically using tools like savestates, slow-motion and more to push the game to it's limits.
It's a different way of speedrunning. You can learn a lot more here.

The times done in TAS don't count in any real ranking.
You can learn more here.

You'll need a few tools for that but don't worry, it's not that hard :)
You can find here a complete guide on how to TAS Mario Kart Wii, from installation to finalizing your TAS. (Made by Kierio)
I highly suggest you to join the MKWii TAS Discord here. You'll find there a lot of useful links and a lot of people that will be pleased to help you!

The video has been deleted or the user deleted his channel and nobody has a backup.
Same for the date since you find it on the video.

You can see this icon when a Flap BKT is slower than a lap of the 3 Laps run on the same track. Most of the time it's because the Flap is old or does not use the fastest strategy.

You can see this icon when a run uses supergrind. This is a technique only achievable with TAS on certain tracks with the goal of gaining a lot of speed or, less often, bouncing off the road.
Recommended video about supergrind

(Concerning the snapshot page)
Before a certain date, the 32 tracks of the game were not all TASed. So the total time would not be accurate with missing tracks. That's why total time is disabled for dates prior to :
3 Laps : 2011-03-24
Flaps : 2016-04-02

3 Laps is the normal way of completing a track. You need to drive 3 laps with 3 shrooms as fast as possible.
Flap stands for "Fastest Lap" which consists in performing the best time for one lap of the track only. You can use your 3 shrooms during the lap.

Website's Github

Check the source code, report issues and more technical informations : Here


Datas : BKT sheet | TAS BKT History
Inspiration : MKWii WRs.


Languages : HTML, CSS (with Bootstrap), PHP, JS, JQuery, SQL.
Softwares : Xampp, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text.


Popper.js, Readmore.js, DataTables, bootstrap-datepicker, yadcf , Google Fonts, Font Awesome, amcharts, jQuery, Plausible

You can use this form or contact me on Discord : boumi21#6868

V 5.4 (2024/04/11)
* Improved security to access admin tools.

V 5.3 (2024/01/14)
* Categories renamed and reordered.
* Hyphen removed before timecut.

V 5.2 (2023/11/19)
* list of players page reworked.
* All vehicles names are NA version.
* You can access a page without the .php extension in the URL.

V 5.1 (2023/03/11)
* Rules to upload a TAS reinforced for admins.
* CSV files can now be uploaded as ghost files.

V 5.0 (2022/08/15) Open Source Update
* Big code reorganization to make it public.
* Removed : unused code, images and libraries.
* Removed : Possibility to send message from form.
* A lot of other behind the scene things.

V 4.1 (2022/01/16)
* TAS runs are now tagged (valid, unverified or invalid).
* Added Tags management for admins.
* Added a new filter for tags in All TASes page.

V 4.0 (2021/10/23) 📈 & 🛠️
* New statistics for TAS and players.
* New management system for admins.
* Google Analytics removed and replaced by Plausible.
* Fast search in List of TASers page added.
* New List of tracks page.
* Smaller other changes.

V 3.2 (2021/02/02)
* Feature to download ghost when available (everyone) and upload a new one (TASLabz only).
* New ghost filter in Recent TASes.
* Category "Standard" is now "Unrestricted".

V 3.1 (2020/12/04)
* Automatically open the right tab on track's page.
* Small fixes (Calendar on snapshot page & track's filter on recent page).

V 3.0 (2020/09/10) W̶o̶r̶s̶t̶ ̶y̶e̶a̶r̶ 2020 update
* New landing page.
* Splits added for 3 laps runs.
* Time-cut added.
* Country added for TASers.
* New theme/UI in general.

V 2.3 (2019/12/08)
* Filters in Recent TASes.
* Supergrind runs marked with icon.

V 2.2 (2019/10/12)
* New UI on Snapshot page.
* Possibility to Hide/Show tables for better navigation.
* Minor UI interface improvements.

V 2.1 (2019/09/06)
* Sorting for most of the tables.
* Possibility to search matching terms in Recent TASes.
* Compression enabled for web content (Optimisation).

V 2.0 (2019/07/23) Welcome mobile users!
* BIG responsive update for mobile users.
* Google Analytics (early July).
* New snapshot page (old one had a few bugs).
* Beautification list of TASers.
* Standards improvements (Accessibility, SEO, performance...).
* Button to show all players that participated in a TAS when they are a lot.
* A few minor changes in UI.

V 1.2 (2019/04/28)
* Add warning icons for Flaps that are slower than their 3 Laps version.
* Bug fix.

V 1.1 (2019/04/10)
* Table's background color is now different from general background.
* All TASes ► Recent TASes, all TASes are still displayed but are now ordered by date by default.

V 1.0 (2019/04/02) Official public release!
* New page with all the TASes displayed. Possibility to order them by clicking on the wanted header.
* New Snapshot page. You can select the date you want and it will show the state of the TASes BKTs at the desired date. It also shows the total time of all tracks.
* You can now specify your email in the little form when you send me a message. If so, I can reply to you!

V 0.6 (2019/03/06)
Add ordering for TASes with approximates dates in lists. (Not on top anymore)

V 0.5 (2019/03/03)
Initial beta release.

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